Sri Balaji Maintenance Services
Specialists in Repair, Maintenance & Reconditioning

Manpower identified are Scrapers and Mechanics who have wide knowledge and high caliber.  They have worked in companies like HMT, TVS, Praga and BFW.  They know their responsibilities very well and are not complacent. 

All straight edges are traceable to surface table which have 0.02 mm per meter accuracy and possessing 15 to 20 points per square inch.

Spirit level is frame type 200x200 size available and possessing an accuracy of 0,02 mm per meter .

Hardened guide ways would be rectified with special stroking operation with hand grinders and special grade wheels.  Guide ways accuracies after scraping will be in the order of 10 microns.

Master cylinder and precision granite square 500 mm long and with an accuracy of 5 microns are available with us to check squareness of guide ways.

Have facilities to obtain spares and rectification of components like ball screw and nut which need preloading, from reputable vendors.

When instruction manuals are available, the details will be collected before starting the reconditioning work.  In absence of such  manuals we would be using appropriate methods to identify the components and part assembly.

Drawings required and details of recommended material, heat treatment, manufacturing process etc will be provided by us if needed.

Can subject the machine after reconditioning to Renishaw Ball bar alignment or Laser interferometer calibration for pitch, yaw and roll inaccuracies management of sliding ways and also backlash compensation. 

Maintenance is also responding to changing expectations.  These include a rapidly growing awareness of the extent to which equipment failure affects safety and environment, a growing awareness of the connection between maintenance and product quality, and increasing pressure to achieve high plant availability and to contain costs. In the face of this avalanche of change, managers everywhere are looking for a new approach to maintenance.  They want to avoid the false starts and dead ends which always accompany major upheavals.  Instead they seek a strategic framework which synthesizes the new developments into a coherent pattern, so that they can evaluate them sensibly and apply those likely to be of most value to them and their companies.